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Solar PV panels – or solar photovoltaic – harness the sun’s energy to convert into electricity to power your business. 

What Is Solar PV?

We believe all businesses should have access to greener, cheaper energy – with no expensive, up-front costs.


A Solar PV solution doesn’t just enable businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce energy spend; it also means your business costs are protected against electricity cost increases for the foreseeable future.


The key advantages of Solar PV:


Reduce your energy bills: the sun is a renewable energy source, so your electricity rates will be reduced


Reduce your carbon footprint: your carbon output will be reduced as solar doesn’t produce harmful pollutants


More security: going ‘off-grid’ puts your business less at risk when it comes to the increased demand across the UK


Solar PV Benefits

Creating electricity from the sunlight comes with any benefits to creating an eco-friendly environment.

Reduce your electricity use

Cut your
electricity bills

Reduce your carbon footprint

your commercial building

"Solar PV enables us to generate clean energy while saving money on our energy bills which like everyone else’s continue to go up.”

A 4-Step Journey to being energy efficient

To make installing your new solution as simple as possible, we have a 4-step journey to ensure your business can benefit from our services. Take a look:


Our professional team will work with you to carry out a thorough assessment of your premises. This enables us to determine your energy needs and the capabilities of your available space to house  Solar PV roof panels.


We take all the information collected and input this into our Design Software. Our designs are modelled in 3D and run simulations to calculate energy generation across every panel, for 365-days a year, over 20-years. We then use this calculation to generate system performance calculations for the next 35-years, to dictate the PPA rate we can achieve on your project.


Once a plan has been agreed upon, we will supply and install the technology required for your renewable system, with no up-front cost to your business. Our experienced network of installers pride themselves on completing projects with minimum disruption to your business and using the highest quality equipment.


We provide you with a comprehensive quote for insurance, 24/7 monitoring and system maintenance required for your new solution to give you peace of mind for years to come. The benefits to your business will begin as soon as the installation is complete.


Start Your Eco Journey Here

To start reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills contact the experienced professionals at NGEI to see how we can help you.

Click the link below to get started.

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