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Insulation Installation


Free Internal Wall Insulation Grants – are you eligible?  

Free Internal Wall Insulation Grants

Your home could qualify for Internal Wall Insulation grant to cover the full cost of having insulation installed by an accredited installer. If you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit, you should be eligible for Internal Wall insulation grant.

Who Can Apply?

Homeowners and private tenants are entitled to grants, depending on their circumstances. Tenants will need written permission from the landlord before going ahead with the work, but we will take care of this for you.

Who Pays For internal wall insulation?

The money to pay for Internal Wall Insulation comes from energy suppliers as part of a government scheme to reduce carbon emissions, known as The Energy Company Obligation (ECO). An initial survey is carried out by an approved installer, the installer completes the work on the approved property and the installer then invoices the utility companies for the grant amount.


If for any reason you don’t qualify for the full grant you could still qualify for a large contribution to the cost of the work, meaning a small amount is to be paid.


Why do you need insulation?

It’s estimated that about 65% of homes in England could benefit from energy efficiency improvements. Speaking more broadly, around 5.5 million homes in Great Britain lack cavity insulation and 92% of solid-walled homes are uninsulated. It’s a big issue and one that has a number of ramifications.


Currently, around one in five households are finding it difficult to meet their heating and fuel costs. The right insulation can help with this issue, reducing heat loss and contributing to improving a home’s energy efficiency.


With domestic buildings responsible for approximately 23% of total UK carbon emissions, improving insulation standards will also have a significant impact on helping the nation meet its environmental targets.

Start Your Eco Journey Here

To start reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills contact the experienced professionals at NGEI to see how we can help you.

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